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Sony Prototype TV with 6 million ‘real’ LEDs

Sony have announced a new television which they are showcasing at CES in Las Vegas. This 55 inch screen uses miniature light emitting diodes in place of pixels. Current LED televisions are based on LCD technology with an LED light behind.

The new Sony television uses 6 million LED’s, 2 million each for the red, green and blue colours. These are mounted directly in front of the display which is meant to improve light output efficiency. Sony say that this technology is superior to plasma and LCD, with better contrast, wider viewing angles and an improved gamut range.

Image courtesy SONY

Sony are also releasing new screens based on OLED technology (organic), launching both in parallel sometime in the future. Pricing has yet to be confirmed.

Kitguru says: Real LED’s, sure to have a hefty price tag.

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