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AOC Q3279VWF FreeSync 31.5in Monitor Review

The AOC Q3279VWF is not a premium model, and the bare box signals this before you've even unpacked the unit.

Despite the rather unexciting packaging, you do get three different video cables in the box – VGA, HDMI and DispayPort – as well as the power cable. Our sample seemed to be missing the VGA cable, however.

The appearance of this display is decidedly sober, with a reasonably large bezel around the panel, and mildly glossy black the main theme. However, the stand uses brushed metal, which lends some class to the overall look.

There are no facilities to swivel or pivot the screen. You can't raise the level up and down either. The only option is tilting either two degrees forward or 21.5 degrees backward.

So you will need to physically move the screen to the optimal position for your viewing pleasure, which is an acceptable situation but far from perfect. There's also no ability to use a VESA attachment for wall mounting.

Another sign that this isn't a premium screen is the port arrangement. These aren't recessed or pointing downwards in a covered cavity. They're just stuck on the back pointing outwards. But at least you get a comprehensive selection for attaching any input type, with DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4 (but not 2.0). There is also DVI and even VGA for legacy support.

There's an analog audio minijack output for routing digital audio from DisplayPort or HDMI to your speakers or headphones. The power supply is built into the screen itself, with a standard kettle lead used for connection to the mains socket.

Controlling the OSD menu is entirely conventional, with four buttons ranged along the bottom of the bezel towards the right-hand corner, plus a fifth for turning the power off and on.

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