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VESA introduces ‘ClearMR’ – a new motion blur clarity certification for displays

VESA announced a new certification to evaluate the motion blur performance of virtually any LCD and emissive display products. Called ClearMR, this specification has its own logo program, so monitor makers will need to submit their new and old models to a certification test.

The new metric created to evaluate the performance of a display is named Clear Motion Ratio (CMR). Design to replace Motion Picture Response Time (MPRT) and any other method of blur characterisation, CMR gives you a value based on the ratio of clear to blurry pixels (a 25:1 ratio means it has a CMR of 2500), allowing consumers to compare the performance of any display that went through the ClearMR testing procedure. For additional reliability, the testing limits the use of any motion blur enhancement techniques.

The image above shows that the certification program is divided into seven tiers. The lowest tier is ClearMR 3000, which means the tested display's CMR ranges between 2,500 and 3,500. ClearMR 9000 is the highest rating, which is only awarded to a display with a CMR of over 8,500.

Despite being relatively new, there are already a few certified products. These include the various LG products, including the award-winning 27GP850, 27GP83B, 27GN950/95B/95R monitors, and the HP Omen 25i. The complete list of certified products, which will be updated over time, can be found HERE.

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