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Foxconn sells head mounted display tech to Google

Electronics maker – and perpetrator of illegal labour practices – Foxconn, has announced that it has sold patents and technologies to Google that are linked with the creation of a head mounted display.

The display technology is said to be related to the superimposing of computer generated effects and virtual images used for what DigiTimes describes as “aviation tactics,” along with engineering, scientific designs and gaming systems.

We know Foxconn should have no problem developing a child size version, since a portion of its employees fit the demographic

Not a lot is known about the deal at the moment, with no details on the amount of money that changed hands or what the purpose of the buyout was for. It could be to inhibit any developments that could compete directly with Google glass, or be some new ideas that will now be incorporated into new Google Glass developments. Unfortunately for now, we just don’t know.

KitGuru Says: Speculate below or in the Facebook comment section. What do you guys think this buy is all about?

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