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Pioneer TVs to make UK comeback with Dixons

Pioneer hasn’t been part of the TV sales landscape since 2010, where it unceremoniously exited the market and cut some 16 per cent of its staff. However, now it’s set to make a triumphant return, thanks to Dixons Retail – owner of Curry’s and PC World – which will be bringing LED televisions to mainland Europe in the near future. There are also plans to sell TVs in the UK once again too.

Since 2010 Pioneer has mostly been focused on the development and sales of DJ equipment, so this marks quite a return to the commercial scene. The timing is also interesting since competition has, if anything, increased since it left the game. That hasn’t perturbed Dixons though, which has taken on the responsibility of sourcing and development of products and will even handle all of the sales. Essentially, it sounds like Dixons is paying for the Pioneer name and manufacturing only.

Dixons: Um, guys? Where’s the screen?

“We are very excited to be working with Pioneer, a legendary brand in the world of technology, on its return to the European TV market. Today’s partnership reflects our reputation for excellence which we have worked hard to build during the last 40 years we have been operating in Hong Kong. This exclusive partnership is fantastic news, allowing us to offer the newest and latest TV technologies to our customers,” said Sebastian James, chief executive at Dixons Retail Group.

Pioneer put a spokesperson forward to make a comment too, saying: “We’re delighted to collaborate with Dixons Retail. With our unparalleled reputation for cutting-edge technology and sophisticated designs, we know these technologically advanced high-end TVs have a unique place within the market.”

Beginning in December, Nordic countries will get first dibs on the new releases of Pioneer 1080p LED Tvs in 40, 46 and 55 inch sizes. They will also come with added smart features and 3D functionality, USB ports and HDMI connectors and WiFi connectivity.

KitGuru Says: I do have a bit of a soft spot for Pioneer, since the first decent size TV I ever owned (and still do) was a Pioneer. 

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