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AOC launches two new IPS monitors with super slim bezels

Display maker, AOC, has today announced two brand new monitors to its line up, the I2481FXH and I2781FH. Two IPS offerings with a near borderless design that would make it perfect for multi-monitor configurations. Both monitors also come with a unique metal stand, using a new asymmetric design.

The AOC I2481FXH and I2781FH both use IPS panel technology in order to offer the highest colour accuracy and an overall better image when compared to TN panels, which are often used by gamers due to their higher refresh rates and lower response times. What really makes these monitors stand out is the design:


The former model is a 23-inch offering while the latter is 27-inch. Both monitors sport a 1920×1080 resolution, AOC's flicker free display technology, 178° wide-viewing angles and a 60Hz refresh rate. For connectivity, you have two HDMI connections and one VGA socket. In all, these make for some decent monitors for regular use or design work, particularly with the IPS panels.

The 23-inch AOC I2481FH will come to the market at £139.99, while the larger 27-inch I2781FH model will cost £199.99. Both monitors are covered by AOC's three year warranty as well for peace of mind.

KitGuru Says: The borderless design would make a few of these perfect for a surround configuration for productivity purposes.  The stand is quite unique as well. Are any of you in the market for a new 1080p monitor? How many of you value the increased colour performance of IPS over TN? 

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  1. Gamer here so the low refresh rate and resolution are real killers. But damn does it look good!

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  3. Thin bezels are nice for a Efinity/surround but investing in these at low resolution isn’t where the market in gaming needs. Still waiting for 27″ 1440p TN with decent specs, and FreeSysn to see acceptable $200 ± price tags.