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Samsung’s new monitor comes with a wireless charger in the stand

Samsung is showing off its new line of monitors, which come equipped with wireless chargers for smartphones in the base of the stand. The Samsung SE370 series consists of two 1080p monitors, one measuring in at 24-inches and the other at 27-inches.

Samsung's headline feature for these monitors is the wireless charging dock, after all, it is fairly unique and has not yet been done before. The feature makes good sense as well, after all, Samsung's monitors and smartphones are both very popular, so having them work together like this may help tie the two product categories together.

Image Source: Samsung Tomorrow

In a post on Samsung Tomorrow, the companies VP of Visual Display Business, said: “Technology should support, not interfere with, active lifestyles. Our customers increasingly rely on mobile devices to obtain information and interact with others; so by doing away with the clutter on their desks, we are helping them to use their mobile devices in a smarter way”.

“Through the integration of wireless mobile charging technology, our innovative SE370 monitor dramatically improves efficiency, convenience and connectivity at home and at work”.

As far as the actual panel goes, it is of the PLS variety and uses ‘eye-saver' technology in order to reduce the effects of blue light and reduce eye strain. There is also a flicker-free feature, which is also aimed to help provide comfortable viewing, free of eye strain. It has a 178 degree wide-viewing angle, 4ms response time and supports AMD's FreeSync technology.

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KitGuru Says: That is a pretty smart feature for Samsung to implement, I'm actually a little surprised that LG hasn't tried something similar. Would you like to see monitor makers begin to implement wireless charging in to monitor base stands? 

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