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Iiyama shoots for fastest draw in the west at i43

While more column inches are dedicated to graphic cards and processors than anything else, it’s the keyboard, mouse, headset and screen that define the gamer’s interface with their gaming rig. Iiyama had a new screen on display at i43 – and it’s a bit of a monster. KitGuru spies got up close and personal with an expert called Steve Kilroy on the Iiyama stand at Multiplay i43.

Weighing in at a whopping 27 inches, the ProLite E2773HDS-B is housed in Iiyama’s trademark bezel, so you know that the design will be stylish and durable.

While the press shot is sharp, the continuous hands-on testing by pro-gamers told its own story. We chatted with some of them and they were all impressed with Iiyama's new screens. Will be interesting to see what price is set for the new 27" in the UK.

Naturally, it offers full HD resolution, but that’s not the start of it. Nope.

This is a much smarter product than any of its predecessors. How so? Check these features and form your own opinion.

It is an LED backlit monitor, delivering the crispest images while using less power. How much less?  Well, KitGuru is led to believe [pun intended – Ed] that this new screen will draw almost 40% less juice than its predecessor.

Compared to the Iiyama ProLite B2712 HDS reviewed by KitGuru back in November 2010, the refresh time on this new screen has been halved to a minute single millisecond. Perfect improvement for those Battlefield 3 moments when the earlier you see the detail on a potential target – the better your chances of a win.

Finally, there is the price. While the US on sale is likely to be around $336, it’s hard to know exactly where that will land in the UK. On a straight translation, at today’s money, the screen would be £204 plus vat. So around £245. For a 27″ screen with a dynamic contrast ratio of 5 million to one – that’s pretty impressive.

While pro-gamers can win tournaments with a 5ms response screen, when you’re in the depths of a fire fight, desperately looking for the headshot needed to end the battle – the faster the better.

Steve Kilroy runs Iiyama’s key UK accounts and we were impressed that he was as friendly at the end of i43 as he had been at the start – despite demonstrating for 10 hours straight each day. When asked about Iiyama’s presence at the event, Steve said, “The Iiyama name holds much more significance within this industry than it ever has before”.

“We see that as we continue to work closely with partners such as Multiplay and Team Dignitas”, he said. “We’re happy to continue to be part of this growing community”.

At thie stage, Steve had been going strong for around 72 hours. Can we imply Steve's as durable as his screens?

KitGuru says: While the whole world plus dog waits for the cheating to stop around 30″ production, this kind of high specification Iiyama screen being offered at such a low price is tempting to say the least.  If the Iiyama ProLite E2773HDS-B is not enough for you, Steve’s engineering team will be releasing a more rugged/efficient version a little later with the code name B2776HDS-B.

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