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Asus MS236H Ultra Slim Panel review

Rating: 6.0.

KitGuru has already reviewed monitors from heavyweights such as Dell, but today we are going to be looking at a very dramatically designed panel from Asus.

The Asus MS236H is a member of the Designo MS range of screens and the focus is not on class leading specifications, but on the radical appearance. You could almost assume that Apple had a hand in the design of this screen as it follows many of their company ethics. Simple colours, a couple of  (noticeable) buttons and an eye catching, purist design.

At 16.5mm thick (thin?) it is immediately eye catching and it offers a full 1080p (1920×1080) via the 23 inch screen.

At a touch over £200 inc vat however it really needs to deliver a high quality image as the panel market today is extremely competitive.

Model Asus MS236H
Resolution Full HD 1080p (1920×1080)
Contrast Ratio 50,000:1
Response Time 2ms
Inputs HDMI 1.4 with Audio
Anti Glare Yes
Buttons LED Touch Sensor
Dimensions 15.1 x 56.6 x 40.7 cm
Boxed Weight 7 kg

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  • opensourceboy

    As I posted in the forums, I bought this screen on sale a while ago and agree. the image quality is ok, I actually think my old dell is better for IQ and its not a new LCD either 🙁

    It looks beautiful, but its better switched off ! (well its not quite that bad, but I am disappointed and sorry I didnt go for the LED version).

  • Eric K

    that is very pretty. shame the panel isnt better. LED review coming? hope so !

  • Death Dealer

    Nice design, really hits the spot. shame about the lack of DVI in and the other issues mentioned. seems quite poorly thought out once they worked out the chassis design.

  • Tech Head

    I saw one of these in a store. The higher end LED screen I think as it cost a lot more. I liked it. this one is clearly a bit more of a budget design.


    oh dear, thats a pity, liked the look of it.

  • fluffychicken

    Wow, such an unbalanced product. all that time on design, moving out the power supply to an external unit to save on space. then they dont include a DVI port, or an adapter cable and mess up the interface buttons and slap in an average screen. Seems the money you spend goes to the designers. 🙁

  • Stefan

    @ Fluffychicken – heh, looks like Apple did make it :p

  • dark knight

    disappointing and probably good in a living room when people who dont really care that much about fine details. my parents would like this, but its too small for a TV or media center system.

  • Steven

    Man, that sucks, I had looked at this model a while ago as an online store is discounting them right now. Looks like the higher end LED model might be the one to go for.

  • Bob

    Not sure I even like the looks. that circular stand idea looks like a disaster waiting to happen and probably quite unstable. All the issues with the product make it hard to even put in a shortlist.

  • Brad

    Hey guys, I wouldnt be getting too carried away with the LED MS238H version either, apparently there is a greenish hue with it. CNET reviewed it, looks quite bad.


  • opensourceboy

    @ Brad. thanks man, I agree it looks pretty crap after reading about it 🙁 seems looks are more important than quality for this range of screens. Hopefully they make new models with good panels in them.

  • Stefan

    Hey Zardon, I read on CNET they said this

    “The stand keeps the monitor stabilized when knocked from the sides; however, when it encounters a force from the front–like a light breeze–it topples over.”

    You never said the stand was unstable, is it bad or what?

  • Hi Stefan. The stand is fine, well I never experienced issues with it. I wouldn’t say it would withstand a hard knock without tilting over, but I dont think it would be an issue, unless you balanced it near the end of a desk and had a careless, clumsy friend.