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SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Pro Edition Gaming Mouse Review (SE Silver)

The ergonomics of the Kinzu V2 are almost identical to those of the Kana.  It occupies an ambidextrous form factor which makes it equally comfortable to use with either hand.  The most obvious difference between the two mice is the lack of browser forward and back buttons on either side of the Kinzu V2.

Despite the almost identical forms of the two mice, the aesthetics are completely different.  The top section of the Kinzu V2 has a glossy metallic silver finish whereas the Kana is finished in a rubberised matte black paint. SteelSeries have used a rubberised matte-black paint for the base of the mouse and for the mouse wheel.  In contrast, the Kana features some florescent orange details including the mouse wheel.

The Kinzu V2 has slight alcoves cut into either side which help you grip the mouse more securely.  The rubberised finish on the sides and base of the mouse helps to improve grip too.  The Kinzu V2 is slightly smaller than the Kana which makes it perfect for gamers who like a small mouse or have small hands.

SteelSeries have chosen to use a slightly different mouse wheel on the Kinzu V2 which is much narrower than the one on the Kana.  This doesn't feel quite as precise as the one on the Kana and it doesn't feel as comfortable under your finger.  The left and right mouse buttons on both models feel very similar, though, and have an equally well-refined action.  The only other button on the mouse is a CPI switching button which is located directly behind the mouse wheel.

Like many quality gaming mice these days, both the Kana and the Kinzu V2 feature a quality braided cable.  Even though the cable on the Kinzu V2 lacks the orange detailing of the Kana, it features the same good quality cloth braid. The cable is 2m long and terminates in a silver-plated USB connector.

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