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Steelseries is acquiring KontrolFreek

Steelseries has made a new acquisition. Following A-Volute earlier this year, the gaming peripherals company has bought KontrolFreek, an industry leader in high-performance controller accessories, further improving SteelSeries position in the console gaming market. For those who don't know, KontrolFreek is a private company that specialises in the creation of accessories to improve …

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SteelSeries confirms early production batch of Rival 310 mice have adhesive issues

Last week, Briony shared an update on the SteelSeries Rival 310 mouse after nine months of use. While the initial review was very positive, it seems that the Rival 310 has not stood the test of time, as 9 months on, the mouse is falling apart. SteelSeries has been in touch since the update went live, confirming that an early production batch of the 310 does suffer from adhesive issues.

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SteelSeries unleash splash-proof Apex 150 keyboard

Spill resistance seems like something that should have been a mainstay long ago, but is finally catching on in modern peripherals. SteelSeries has launched a new keyboard that does just that, with the Apex 150 able to take more than just a splash. Fitted with a membrane sheet to protect …

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Steelseries Apex M800 mechanical keyboard

Even though most serious gamers use mechanical keyboards these days, many do not realise that the technology behind those key-switches is over 30 years old. With that in mind, it is no wonder that Steelseries are looking to reinvent the wheel with their new Apex M800 mechanical board. It incorporates Steelseries …

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SteelSeries has revealed an eye tracker for PC

SteelSeries releases peripherals all the time, so sometimes it can be hard to get excited for announcements. However, the company has just revealed something entirely new, an eye tracker that will help train professional gamers by giving them statistics on their attention span and how often they focus on a …

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