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Roccat Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Review (w/ Hiro Gaming Surface)

Roccat has designed the Kone Pure around the almost 10% size reduction in comparison to its predecessor – the Kone[+]. To make the reduced dimensions a possibility, Roccat removed the button forward of the scroll wheel and got rid of the lighting strips that spanned each side of the Kone[+].

The Kone Pure’s shape that widens towards the ‘fingertip area’ of the left and right click buttons promotes the palm grip. There shouldn’t be a need to worry about the mouse slipping out of your hand when using the palm clench, either – the Kone Pure sports a friction-enhancing, soft-touch surface.

In order to cut costs and maintain the Kone Pure’s size reduction, Roccat has opted for a two-dimensional scroll wheel as opposed to the 4D version found on the Kone[+] and XTD. This slight adjustment shouldn’t cause too many problems to most gamers, although the mouse’s general usage aspect may miss the enhanced productivity.

Plus and minus arrows set to control the DPI levels, by default, reside behind the scroll wheel in an easy-to-reach location.

Roccat places its feline company logo on a rear section of the mouse’s main body. A 16.8 million colour lighting system is hidden below the logo, allowing a user-definable glow to be emitted from within.

Forwards and backwards (Easy-Shift[+] button) arrow buttons are located directly above the location where one’s thumb will reside during general operation. The convenient location makes them easy to hit when browsing web pages or conducting other productivity tasks.

Kone Pure and Roccat emblems are printed on the edge of a thumb-directing channel on the mouse’s left side. A similar channel on the Kone Pure’s right side allows users’ unused fingers to sit comfortably around the mouse’s body.

A 1.8m braided cable connects the Kone Pure to one of your computer’s free USB ports.

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  • Leo

    looks like a good mouse again, but yeah a bit expensive….

  • Xtreme

    I like the design, but I agree, the pricing seems a bit ‘out’ – especially when compared to their flagship model.