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Cooler Master announce The Sentinel Z3ro-G mouse

Building on the game changing Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse, CM Storm one-ups its competition again with the revolutionary Sentinel Z3RO-G Gaming Mouse. As a bonus to the serious gamer looking to upgrade from the conventional mouse, CM Storm has joined forces with Futuremark to include in the bundle, not only a world-class mouse, but a world-class FPS in Shattered Horizon, the first multiplayer shooter game set in zero gravity. Fully customizable, this gaming mouse has all the tricks and clicks gamers crave. With 8 configurable buttons, Sentinel – X  128K memory for mouse and keyboard macros, an OLED screen and a rapid fire tactical mode, the Sentinel Z3RO-G will leave your opponents picking up the pieces in defeat, and leaving you atop of the Horizon!

The Sentinel Z3RO-G is, without a doubt, the most customizable mouse ever! Is the mouse too heavy or too light for your taste? CM Storm has the solution. In the bottom of the mouse reside five 4.5 gram weights which can easily be removed or added to your personalized mouse design. Wondering what DPI you have selected? The Sentinel Z3RO-G possesses an OLED screen under your hand which will tell you the DPI by X and Y axis, which may be toggled up to an amazing 5600, and may also include a personalized logo of your choice, like a clan emblem or the or the logo of the latest killer game in cyberspace .

Wish you could have that rapid fire button on the top rather than the side? CM Storm’s own Storm Tactics Micro software conveniently configures and stores up to 5 mouse and keyboard macros in the mouse’s onboard memory. DPI, motion sensitivity, logo personalization, button response time, double click speed, OctoShade LED color choice and effects modes for each individual LED can also be programmed here and switched at the tap of a button. And with the library function, profiles from your computer can be easily updated. Now you can intuitively know the profile the mouse is set at, just by its warm, personal glow.

Precision and Comfort

Ergonomically designed, easing your hand into place atop of this mouse emotes the feeling of sliding on silk gloves. Smooth, velvety curves with a deftly placed thumb-rest conform beautifully to the natural contours of the human right hand, which allows the serious gamer to perform at a high level for hours without the cramping that occurs using conventional mice. Combining comfort with a twin laser engine, exceptional tracking performance and a response time of 1 ms offers gamers impeccability in the field and unmatched accuracy in unfamiliar settings such as zero gravity. Any horizon can now be shattered when you feel the pulse of the Sentinel Z3RO-G in your palm.

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