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Cyborg R.A.T. 3 and R.A.T. 7 Review – the ultimate mice?

The software is an identical design to the Rat 3 interface, with the picture being the only noticeable change.

The interface is slightly more extended in these panels, offering 4 manually adjustable DPi settings, up to the maximum of 5,600 dpi. I really found the side ways scrolling bar to be particularly useful, not only in games, but when scrolling sideways on webpages for example. The software is extremely stable and we experienced no issues throughout all the testing. The precision aiming mode is a really fun idea, which is both practical and a talking point. Did I use it much ? Not really, but when taking the role of a sniper, it certainly helped boost my online score card.

Test System
Motherboard: Sapphire Pure Black X58
System Memory: 6GB Kingston H20 @ 2100mhz
Processor: Intel i7 980x @ 4.5ghz
Video: nVidia GTX580
Monitor: illyama B2712HDS
Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise x64

Using this mouse was an absolute pleasure, as I was manually able to fine tune the weight to my desires – which was personally around 15g with the removable weights.

Earlier versions of the R.A.T. 7 had documented tracking issues, a point actually addressed by my good friend Olin Coles in his review over at Benchmark Reviews in August of this year. I am glad to report that on several surfaces, including an oak table, I never experienced the same problem. During testing I found a Steelseries 5L gaming surface to deliver a great experience with the Philips Twin-Eye 5,600 dpi sensor. I have also found a mouse that could comfortably replace my Steelseries Ikari.

Setting the tracking at 5,600 dpi proved to much for me, even when gaming, and I had the best experiences by setting the profiles to 1,200 dpi (1), 1,800 dpi (2), 2600 dpi (3) and 3,200 dpi (4). Using profile 1 for fine movement Photoshop path creation, profile 2 for general windows tasks and 3 or 4 for gaming suited me fine. I know some professional gamers love a 5,000+ dpi setting so this mouse will be an ideal purchase. Using the precision aiming mode at a mid way point also proved very useful with some online first person shooters.

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