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SteelSeries Siberia V2 Special Edition Blue Sneak-Peak Review

Rating: 9.0.

The SteelSeries Siberia V2 is definitely one of KitGuru’s favourite gaming headsets on the market at the moment, featuring decent sound quality and a great aesthetic design. When it was released back in 2009, it was only available in black and white but, since then, they have released a number of different coloured varients for gamers who like a little more eye-candy.

We have already written a comprehensive review of the SteelSeries Siberia V2 Red headset which can be read here.  This is identical to the blue edition in terms of design and performance so we won’t be covering these areas in this article.

SteelSeires have decided to use a metallic blue paint for this headset which has very small metal flakes in to give it a sparkly appearance.  This looks amazing in the flesh and is sure to turn even more heads than the attractive red and white and orange versions.  We actually had an orange headset in our offices at the time of photographing this headset so we took a side-by-side picture for comparison.

Despite looking white in most of SteelSeries’ promotional pictures, the headband and headband pad is actually grey in colour.  They have also painted the earcup mesh silver to add some flare to the design.  The cable is also light grey although the metallic blue is used for the inline control.  Overall we think this is the best looking version of the Siberia V2 headset yet.

Unfortunately, the Special Edition Blue version of the Siberia V2 isn’t officially available in the UK.  But we did manage to find it on the market for a little under £70 at Pixmania.  This makes it approximately £10 more expensive than the standard white edition which can be had for £60 at Pixmania.  We feel that the extra cost is definitely worth it if your budget allows!

KitGuru says: An even better-looking version of an already great all-round headset

Rating: 9.0.

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  • Raymond

    wow that looks like metallic car paint. thats lovely.

  • Seth

    Yeah, id spend the extra for this, I love pretty designs. Never went to apple, but been tempted. this would be on my shortlist for sure.

  • Brooke

    great idea, people love customised hardware. its why dell can sell so many shit laptops with skins.

  • Sam

    Blue? arent these purple or do I need to calibrate my screen?

  • Vernwei

    This or the turtlebeach z6a?