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Shogun Bros Ballista MK1 8200dpi Pro Gaming mouse review

Rating: 8.0.

In the world of gaming mice brand names such as Steel Series, Logitech, Rocatt and Razer reign supreme. When we were offered a sample from a company called Shogun Bros we immediately thought of a cool new oriental themed Nintendo game.

Wacky company name aside, the new Ballista MK1 has been designed to challenge the big players, at a lower price point. We spent around a week testing this mouse and loaning it out to several competitive UK clan gamers to get other viewpoints. Is this a cheap ‘n’ nasty second choice option or a quality mouse able to stand its ground against the big players?

Shogun Bros have been hiding under the radar now for a while, making a splash at CES this year with a mouse that could be flipped over to double up a gamepad.

The Ballista MK1 however is a serious attempt to target the demanding audience who want the smoothest movement from high grade laser optics.

Can it meet the grade we expect from a high end gaming mouse?
mouse overview

。 Unique Precision Sniping System
。 Highest 8200 DPI , 12000 FPS
。 Military Grip Paint, Full Finger Rest, Friction-less Base Treatment
。 5 Customized Mode (User Defined Name), 50 Customized Buttons

Precision Sniping System
。 Customized DPI setting
。 X and Y Axis Customized Sensitivity – Independent value
。 Thumb Selector – Speed Operation
。 LED Indicator for Status
。 Breathing Mode Indicator

True Military Efficiency
。 10 Customized Buttons to Let You be “Control Commander”
。 Macro Key for ONE BUTTON LAUNCH of Complex Action
。 Telfon Footage and Frictionless Base Treatment

Extreme Specification
。 Pro Gaming Grade HD Laser Sensor and Image Processor
。 Extreme 8200 DPI / Extreme 1000HZ Polling Rate / 12000 Frame Per Second

Customized Mode
。 5 Preset Gaming Mode for FPS, MMO, RPG Type of gaming
。 Total 50 customized button for Gamer in 5 Mode
。 “Gamer Name Their Own Mode” – Mode name show up when gamer change the mode
。 Backlit Color to On Each Mode and Change in Lightning Speed

Ergonomic and Lightning Reaction Control
。 Left Thumb Rest with Thick “Rubber Sofa”
。 Military Grip Surface on Right Fingers Rest for “Best Control”
。 Total Finger Rest Design
。 Rubberized Coating on Main Body for “Best Grip and Comfort”

Advanced Game Level Hardware Parts
。 Golden Plated USB
。 Anti-interference – Best stable and fast Signal (USB Magnet)
。 Tough – Military Fabric Cable

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  • Alex

    Looks ok, not much of a design really. quite dull looking. RAT7 looks much nicer!

  • James

    I think its a great price point, good for them!

  • Optical Illusion

    Have they any other products out like a keyboard? id like to see that if it uses mechanical switches

  • There is a mechanical gaming keyboard coming from Shogun Bros. I will be bringing it to the UK in the next few weeks. It has Cherry switches and is perfect for gaming. This too will also be competitively priced for a quality gamimg product

  • Optical Illusion

    good to know, I think this mouse looks good for the price. look forward to seeing a review of the keyboard.

  • Ben

    good product, i would prefer weights myself, for serious gaming its needed as one weight just dosnt suit everyone. good pricing, but it needs some revisions made IMO.


    a left handed version? someone save me

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