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Kingston’s 2TB DataTraveler is world’s highest capacity flash drive

The Consumer Electronics Show is upon us this week, which means we can expect plenty of announcements from companies across all areas of tech. Kicking things off  for us this year is Kingston, with the announcement of its 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT USB 3.1 portable SSD, the highest capacity thumb drive in the world, sporting 2TB of flash storage.

As you can see from the image below, the DataTraveler Ultimate GT is quite hefty for a thumb drive. It is narrower than competing portable SSD solutions, such as Samsung’s T-series drives but it is quite a bit thicker.


The idea here is to offer power users with massive amounts of data storage in a small form factor, with 2TB of space here, you could store up to 70 hours of 4K video for instance. This DataTraveler is built with a zinc-alloy casing, making it sturdy and shock resistant so your data should withstand a couple of drops, the USB 3.1 interface should also ensure good speeds, though exact read and write speeds have not been revealed just yet.

The DataTraveler Ultimate GT will come in two versions, a 2TB and a 1TB, both of which are backed by a five year warranty. Pricing and availability information still needs to be confirmed too but we will update you once it arrives.

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KitGuru Says: How much storage do you usually take on the go with you? I have a 128GB flash drive myself but I have never really come close to filling it up.

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  • Fraser Philip

    I’d hate to think of the price of that, not to mention the ‘why’ of having a 2Tb SSD Flash drive, who needs that amount of portable storage and for what? 😮

    a nice example in styling and what can become possible, my first windows PC had a 4Gb hard drive and at the time i thought it was huge, then time passes and I now sit with 8.5Tb storage in my PC, the price of these will drop in time, I still remember when i bought my first DVD burner, it was a 2x burner and as they were new on the market, it cost me £199, now you can pick up a dvd burner for much cheapness

  • mark lois

    Bro, everyone love to have something like this, because they can store many movies or games, and can bring it anywhere example: friends house for movie marathon

  • Fraser Philip

    would be a hell of a movie marathon with 2Tb lol, I understand the need to take movies, games, music etc to friends, I have a 64gb usb drive and a couple of 32gb drives and for me they are enough, for others they may want to have more to carry around, I remeber downloading movies from napster and due to internet speeds the file sizes were small compared to full bluray rips etc today, but with faster download speeds it’s easier to have the larger file sizes ( or ripped from personal bluray collection) so larger storage is needed, but still, 2Tb is a bit overkill and the price, while not mentioned will be a big one i think, it seems to be a bit of an exercise in what’s possible and overtime prices will drop and the need for these will be greater 🙂

  • Mark van der Kamp

    i would buy it and use it for my nas when all 40TB in 4 bays are full i can just plug in a few of these portable drives in the usb ports

  • Mark van der Kamp

    so even here there are people trying to scam other people