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Netgear’s Lionel discusses Arlo Baby Complete Monitoring System

The days of a simple ‘open mic' baby monitor are far behind us. Netgear's Arlo Baby solution comes disguised as a bunny, kitten or puppy with a 2,440mAh rechargeable battery, AC633 WiFi speed and a host of detectors for motion, temperature and air quality – all inside a 330 gram body. We asked Netgear's Lionel Paris to give us a demo.

The HD video itself can be streamed 5 times at once. Netgear has included a free cloud-based recording system that offers a rolling 7 days of viewing, so you can back up the video while 4 guardians keep watch in real time. That H.264 30fps video can roll in full colour when the room is lit or switch to a night vision mode with an effective range of 8 metres in the dead of night. Here are some shots of Arlo Baby in ‘Green Bunny' disguise.

netgear-arlo-baby-home-close-up-kitguru netgear-arlo-baby-home-monitoring-in-progress-kitguru

netgear-arlo-baby-home-on-station-kitguru netgear-arlo-baby-home-kitguru

Arlo Baby can notify you if someone moves within 17 metres of the crib, if the room gets too warm/cold of if your baby starts crying for any reason. You can then choose to race through your house to inspect the nursery in person – or initiate 2-way communication with the mic and speaker. You can get the full tech spec over here.

KitGuru says: The modern mum (or dad) will have a dizzying array of baby security options in the future – with fully encrypted streams of HD video available anywhere in the world. Arlo Baby certainly promises to keep baby snoozing peacefully from $249, but at what cost to the parent's REM sleep?

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