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Buffalo AirStation Nfiniti Dual Band Wireless Router Review (WZR-HP-AG300H)

While it is very hard to quantify the performance of a router, we did test all of the possible features and analysed the overall interface to report any glaring issues. We did compare to several other routers we have at hand, such as the basic Buffalo AirStation Nfiniti (WHR-G300N V2) model and a Belkin N+ Wireless Modem router.

In terms of bandwidth performance it was a fair fight as all are N+ rated. We did find that the router under review was able to supply the full 300 Mbps to more than one connection much more frequently, and while it did occasionally drop down, it tended to drop to a still modest 260 Mbps. With the other routers at hand we noticed that they were mostly transmitting at 150 Mbps with the occasional peak of 300 Mbps, which only lasted a few seconds. This is certainly interesting as they all claim to provide the full 300 Mbps, but clearly the expensive Buffalo did come out on top.

When dealing with performance at greater distances, we found that they were all able to give good coverage in a house and they all worked proficiently to the furthest points of my garden outside. That said, the Belkin N+ router was only able to provide a ‘fair' connection at this point, and the low-powered Buffalo provided a ‘Poor' or ‘Fair' connection. The High-Powered Buffalo router was able to provide a ‘Good' connection and even more to its credit it was still working at speeds around 200 Mbps without any problem – the others had both reduced to below the 150 Mbps mark.

This router is certainly fast and has a very decent range making it perfect for many environments including hotspots, offices and many more. The pricing in the UK is around the £85 inc vat mark. We do consider this to be good value for money.


  • Excellent performance.
  • Dual firmware option is clever.
  • High tech, modern appearance.


  • You do pay a little extra for the performance.

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Rating: 8.5.

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