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Wavemaster Mobi-2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

In these days of internet purchase for many electronic goods, you are unlikely to be seeing the Mobi-2 in store when deciding which portable speaker you want.

However, if you do, then we can report that not only is the packaging solid enough to withstand any sensible transport, it's see-through enough for you to be able to take a good look around prior to parting with cash.

The packaging also comes with an integrated ‘hook'. For hanging.


The unit itself comes in black or white and has a pleasing matt finish. It's one of those situations where all of your options are likely to be plastic, but some plastic feels more expensive than others. It might not actually be better, but it feels good.

One face is the speaker itself, while the reverse has an audio cable and blue light to indicate power on as well as Bluetooth activity.

On the side, we have the power switch, which also has a third setting for Bluetooth.

There is also a small USB port for charging, so this is compatible with the kind of wall charger supplied by Samsung/Blackberry/Nokia as standard. For comparison purposes, we considered other portable speakers in a similar price bracket.

Wavemaster-Mobi-2-Front-Back-KitGuru  Wavemaster-Mobi-2-Group-Shot-KitGuru

The speaker itself is a pop-up design, so it is smaller in your pocket – but bigger when you want to play music.

According to Wavemaster the larger the physical volume of the speaker, the more powerful the audio reproduction. You can get a close up of the Mobi-2 by clicking the shot on the left and an idea of the relative size of the Mobi-2 from the group shot above – next to the original Mobi and a pair of X-Mini speakers.

‘Bigger is better'  is one of those statements that sounds logical, but takes genuine testing to be absolutely certain. Plus, there is individual taste to consider … the fact that not everyone hears the same way.

After trying it open and closed, we can confirm that the Mobi-2 sounds better open. We pulled out our trusty digital sound meter and, at a distance of  1 meter, discovered a bump of close to 4dBa.
Above, the Wavemaster Mobi-2 in closed/open modes. The rubberised feet help it to not slip around or vibrate. This would be key when we made our final analysis.

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