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Sony’s new speaker doubles as a TV remote

We have known for a while that Sony has been pushing for its Japanese employees to experiment a bit more with product ideas in order to try to turn its company financials around. We've seen Sony drones, paper smart watches and now, we have a speaker that also doubles as …

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YOYOTech offers 50 per cent off Wavemaster deal

Any regular reader of KitGuru will know just how highly we have rated the Wavemaster speakers when wee had a look at them late last year. Now, with several new ranges in the launch tubes, it seems like there are some proper bargains to be had on existing stock. KitGuru …

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Wavemaster Mobi-2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

When KitGuru first looked at the original Wavemaster Mobi speaker back in July there were two things that we felt were missing – Bluetooth support and the ability to daisychain. Now that the German design team in Bremen has addressed Bluetooth functionality, we decided to retest the latest version. Browse through …

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Wavemaster Mobi Speakers review

Every now and then, we get something cool and funky into the KitGuru offices. Sometimes the timing of the new arrival is out and sometimes the timing is spot on. With the current heatwave, the arrival of a pair of Wavemaster Mobi speakers could not have been better timed.  Not …

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DJ Teddy prepares to rock your desk and bed

We don't often review the gimmicky stuff here at KitGuru. To be honest, we really use up far too much time on in-depth, world-class reviews of the hardcore kit you spend most of your free money on. But every now and then, something lands in the KitGuru Labs that can't …

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