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IK Multimedia release ‘studio grade’ iLoud portable speakers

IK Multimedia have just announced new portable speaker systems which combine live instrument and music playback capabilities in sizes that can fit into a backpack. The difference? The company claim they are 2-3 times louder than comparable sized speakers already available.

The iLoud speakers can deliver 40W RMS alongside the smaller iLoud MINI which are rated at 15W RMS. Both of these models are powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and support BlueTooth connectivity to stream music from handheld devices. Additionally there is a stereo 1/8″ mini jack input and a 1/4″ guitar input.

Both iLoud models have on board digital signal processing. They are powered by neodymium speaker cones and incorporate bass reflex ports and passive radiators to reduce heat under high volume.

The full sized model has a bi-amped 4 driver array composed of two tweeters and two mid speakers and the smaller MINI has two full range speakers.

The iLoud MINI is around the same size as a 7 inch tablet while the full sized model is 9.8 inches x 4.5 inches. Both are around 2.3 inches thick. The MINI weighs 650g and the larger model 900g.

The company claim the sound quality is ‘on par' with conventional studio monitors, designed for that in mind. Big claims indeed.

Pricing so far is only in US dollars – $299.99 for the iLOUD and $199.99 for the iLOUD Mini.

You can check them out in more detail over here.

Kitguru says: Really as good as studio grade speakers?

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