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XFX WarPad Review

The WarPad arrives in a typically eyecatching package. First impressions are positive, as it is absolutely massive and very thick.

The rear of the package highlights the advantages of the product and how it can be used. Although in all honesty it is pretty obvious how it attaches to a desk.

The three stages are simple: 1.SET TO CLAMP. 2.SLIDE AND STOP and 3.GLIDE AND GAME.

SET TO CLAMP: Place the XFX WarPad on top of your desk with the curved end facing you. Reach under and pull the two tabs so it clamps onto your desk.
SLIDE AND STOP: Push the XFX WarPad towards the back of your desk until it stops on the brace. Place your mouse on top and you’re ready to go.
GLIDE AND GAME: Double padded for extra comfort, slide your forearm back and forth and feel it glide without a hard edge.
ESS: The XFX WarPad features the Patent Pending Edgeless Support System (ESS) that angles and cushions your wrist and forearm during continuous mouse usage. No more dents under your forearms from that hard edge of your desk. It allows your wrist and forearm to glide seamlessly along it’s tailored, smooth surface for optimum performance.

No one will complain about a lack of room to move their mouse, that’s for sure. This can easily fill a large desk.

The difference between a generic mat and the XFX WarPad is the clamping system. You simply slide the clamp over the outer edge and let it come to rest, gripped in place. The pad has a smooth, soft edge which feels great under your wrist.

Special thanks to Colin for being the 'arm' model for today.

The WarPad feels very soft underneath skin, and actually reminded me of the Steelseries QCK Heavy. The WarPad is 6mm thick and therefore substantial. We did notice a few rougher and slightly harder areas, a few centimeters in diameter closer to the edges of the mat, but they did soften up when we massaged them by hand. The curved edge helps to support the arm and wrist.

The XFX logo and product name is pressed into the mat at the very top edge, out of the way of potential mouse movement. The pad can obviously be disconnected from a table top in a few seconds then folded up for easy portability.

We tested the product with several mice from Razer, Steelseries and Logitech and on several desks. As long as the lip of the desk isn’t wider than 2 inches thick then there will be no problems.

I don’t profess to be a hard core gamer, or clan member, but the mat is very comfortable to use and the massive physical dimensions mean that it is easy to adjust, or even lower mouse sensitivity and still have plenty of room for general movement.

Obviously, testing a mouse pad is a subjective experience and everyone will have a different view on feel and responsiveness. Personally, I don’t like hard mat surfaces such as the Steelseries 3HD, but I use the Steelseries QCK Heavy daily and found the WarPad to be just as impressive.

I experienced a rather interesting problem, which I feel wont affect many users. My office has a computer desk which is a 90 degree, two part design. I sit right at the ‘bend’ of the desk and the mat obviously won’t lock properly due to the angle.

UPDATE: Just realised that we have an early picture of this product, in the KitGuru archives, from when it was a cute little prototype.

Our imagination, but don't these fine XFX ladies look a little like 'Number Six' ?

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