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Stanley Parable developer unveils new “Beginner’s Guide” project

While games were once announced when they were nearing completion, perhaps with a bit of coverage in a popular gaming magazine, today they are often detailed years in advance, with teasers, community interaction, feedback from the fans and of course funding through crowd sourcing. That's not been the case with the next game from Stanley Parable maker Davey Wreden however, who announced this latest development yesterday, with a planned release date of tomorrow, 1st October.

Although the official site and Wreden himself have said much about what The Beginner's Guide even is, he did show off a few screenshots “to tease,” us prior to its release tomorrow. They don't us much, but they're all we have for now.

beginner01 beginner02
beginner03 beginner04

The screenshots are all pretty abstract, which makes sense considering who they're coming from, but it doesn't give us much to go on. There are some testimonials by fellow developers who helped test it, with all quoted giving heavy praise to the project; though they do acknowledge its weirdness.

Beyond that, who knows. We'll have to take a look when the game releases tomorrow.

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KitGuru Says: What a refreshing way to launch a game that allows it to build its hype and interest after release, when it's available. Here's hoping that's a business model that still works and could be adopted by more companies.

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