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Mcdonalds wants 3D printers in-store

Do you remember being a kid and getting a little toy in your Happy Meal? Sometimes there would be something cool from a recent movie but usually they were quite bad, but what if you could create your own?. Mcdonalds is looking in to having 3D printers in store to create its toys on the spot.

3D printing still needs some work as it isn't a perfect system. When creating a 3D printed model, getting good results still requires a fair bit of tinkering along with trial and error runs. If the fast food chain pours some money into 3D printing, then the technology could excel faster. This kind of technology could open up a bunch of opportunities like creating your own toy or being able to choose which one you want out of a selection and then watch it form together right in front of you. It could also help cut down on production costs and waste from unsold figures.


This isn't something that's going to happen any time soon, it was just an idea that the fast food chain's UK IT director, Mark Fabes, discussed while speaking on a panel on emerging technologies at a Fujitsu customer event in Munich. For this to work and make 3D printing a mainstream technology, it would need a big technology partner.

Kitguru Says: This isn't a sure thing, it might not ever happen but the idea is out there. 3D printing could have a useful place in today's world it just needs some big companies to make good use of the technology. While most of you wouldn't be buying a Happy Meal anymore, would you like to design and print your own toy? 

Source: The Register

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