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Pokémon Go Japan launch begins retail partnerships

It doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to consider what’s financially possible with a game that can have people congregate in certain areas. That’s why now that Pokémon Go is finally available in Japan, more than 3,000 of its Gyms are located at McDonald’s restaurants. This is the first …

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Apple announces Apple Pay, aims to transform mobile payments

Apple on Tuesday introduced its Apple Pay system designed to significantly change the way people make purchases. Apple promises that its system will make payments easier, more secure and more private thanks to the fact that details about actual credit or debit cards will be hidden from personnel who processes …

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Mcdonalds wants 3D printers in-store

Do you remember being a kid and getting a little toy in your Happy Meal? Sometimes there would be something cool from a recent movie but usually they were quite bad, but what if you could create your own?. Mcdonalds is looking in to having 3D printers in store to …

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McDonald’s falls victim to Twitter honesty

Selective blindness can affect businesses as easily as it can individuals. In the case of tech-mad young execs at McDonald’s, it led to the kicking off of two conversations that they quickly realised were heading in the wrong direction. KitGuru covers itself in camouflage and heads off to the bushes, …

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