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You can now apply for the Project Spark beta

Project Spark is Microsoft’s upcoming game creation suite for Windows 8, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It lets you create your game while playing it by allowing users to customise everything as they go along. You can create custom worlds, characters and animations, sort of like Little Big Planet but better as it allows you to create any type of game you can think of, rather than being limited to a platformer.

“Project Spark is an endless adventure where everything is customisable. Jump into an open world sandbox where players can create their own games, movies, stories and more and then share them with family, friends, and the world,” reads the game’s description.

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This creation suite could be one step closer to getting mods on to consoles. Mods have been a huge selling point for games on the PC and have brought to light some really talented people. One recent success story we’ve had is the 19 year old who spent a year of his life creating the Falskaar mod for Skyrim, this mod was his job application for Bethesda but instead he was picked up by Bungie to work on the upcoming game ‘Destiny’.

Here’s Microsoft’s brief summary of what Project Spark is all about:

• Play what other creators have made and take part in unlimited adventures.

• Make games while playing with the revolutionary Crossroads mode.

• Bend, shape, and mold worlds with sculpting and beautifying creations with paints and biomes.

• Master the easy to use brain system to add behaviours to anything and bring creations to life.


For those of you who want to test it out first, you can sign up at the official website.

KitGuru Says: I may be getting ahead of myself here but if this turns out to be really good, it could be a system seller. It could also pave the way to getting mods on consoles, even if its a really simplified modding suite for one big game, it’s still a step in the right direction. Do you guys think Project Spark is a good idea?

Source: Kotaku

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