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Microsoft to fully shut down Project Spark

Microsoft’s Project Spark came around shortly after the release of the Xbox One. It was an ambitious concept in which players would have access to hundreds of assets and tools to form their own maps, levels and stories which would then be shared with everyone else. Unfortunately, it never quite …

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Linkin Park uses Project Spark for new video

Project Spark, currently in open beta, gives ‘players’ the ability to craft whole game worlds with its developer like ability set and it’s already offering up some impressive experiences, with people developing whole other games like Tetris and Minecraft within it. But now Linkin Park has shown an affinity for …

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Microsoft’s project Spark enters open beta

Project Spark, Microsoft’s ‘game within a game’ creation software has finally entered open beta on the Xbox One after a month of closed testing on the console, Developer, Team Dakota has announced. The PC version on the other hand is still stuck in closed beta, despite people receiving invites since December. …

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You can now apply for the Project Spark beta

Project Spark is Microsoft’s upcoming game creation suite for Windows 8, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It lets you create your game while playing it by allowing users to customise everything as they go along. You can create custom worlds, characters and animations, sort of like Little Big Planet but better …

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