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Conker returns in Project Spark’s Big Reunion

If you have an N64, one game you want to own is Conker's Bad Fur Day (BFD). Not only because it's worth a lot of money these days, but because it's one of the best games on the system and came too late to be fully appreciated. Despite that greatness though, Conker hasn't had many other outings, only appearing on the original Xbox in a remade multiplayer version of BFD called Live and Reloaded. Now though, he's making a return, in his Big Reunion, an episodic adventure built within Microsoft's Project Spark.


Conker made a big splash when he showed up in original Project Spark teaser videos, so it's not too surprising that he's one of Microsoft's big content packs for Project Spark. The episodic adventure will cost Xbox users just $5 (so, likely £5) for the game itself, or they can pay double that to get a hold of all the assets used to create it, which means those interested will be able to make their own Conker games.

The Big Reunion is said to give players around an hour of content, and has been built in the style of the original game, we're told.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgHrM7SPC1A']

Perhaps best of all though, Microsoft did say in its announcement that original Conker design lead and voice actor, Chris Seavor, did offer “guidance and support,” during the creation of this game. If that's not a stamp of approval I don't know what is, but maybe with his old creation doing the rounds again Mr Seavor can be encouraged to finish up his let's play series of the original game.

Conker's Big Reunion will be released on 23rd April.

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KitGuru Says: OK I'll admit it. This is the first thing that's made me wish I had an Xbox One.

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