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Microsoft now letting devs update games for free

Microsoft has been criticised by big developers and indies alike, for always charging tens of thousands of dollars to update games on its Xbox 360, leading to long delays in some cases and in others, no updates at all  – as it just wasn't financially viable. Now though, the software giant has dropped the fee, making all game updates on the platform free.

Apparently this policy change was made earlier this year, though we're only just hearing it about now as developers are feeling brave enough to speak about it. Eurogamer got the scoop, suggesting that this new policy allows for multiple changes and patches to be made to full retail release titles as well as Xbox Live Arcade games, for free.

Creator of Fez, Phil Fish, wasn't able to fully patch the game after release, due to the too costly Microsoft fee.

They're not unlimited however. You can't keep changing and changing. If one of your updates doesn't happen to pass certification Microsoft will issue a charge.

Of course this chance to Microsoft policy comes right at the end of the console's main life cycle. The question at this point for many developers, will undoubtedly be: what policy will Microsoft employ on the Xbox One?

KitGuru Says: Considering Sony has received such praise for being developer centric with its PS4 setup, my bet is Microsoft goes ahead without a patching fee. What about you guys?

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