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Play any game in Oculus Rift VR with MyDream Swift and VorpX

As much as the early crop of virtual reality games are exciting and innovative, the catalogue is still pretty small. Things will be different in a year or two, but for now, if you want to try out some of your favourite gaming classics in virtual reality, you can do, with specialised software from MyDream and VorpX.

VorpX is a 3D injection driver that has existed for the past couple of years, offering DK1 and eventually,  DK2 owners the chance to try some games in virtual reality. While imperfect, it's gradually improved over the past few months and with the release of version 1.6.1, it now supports the Oculus Rift CV1 and a lot of compatible games.

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Perhaps its most classic usage has been in getting Skyrim working in VR, but now there is much greater potential. CV1 owners are reporting getting everything from Fallout 4, to the various STALKER games in fully realised 3D, virtual reality. You might need to play with the settings to get the scale and other aspects just right, but once you've got it down, the games should look as good, if not better than before.

It is also looking to nab a bit of the Virtual Desktop market, by offering a theatre mode and desktop gameplay options for gaming on a larger display than you could ever fit in your home.

Vorpx is available direct from the software maker for £27.

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The alternative to this is MyDream Swift, which offers a similar functionality to Oculus Rift owners. It delivers 360 degree head tracking in first person games, cinema mode for more casual play and a deep interface for customising your experience. Early reviews paint it in a positive light, working with both the Rift CV1 and DK2.

While documentation is a little thin, it works well it seems. It's also available on Steam which is a bonus, priced at £23.

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