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Unity has officially released the Unity 5 game engine

Unity has officially launched the latest version of its cross-platform game engine, Unity 5. The engine itself has had an early version around for a little while but the final version will launch today on the company's own website.

Unity 5 launched in beta form back in October last year, offering some notable upgrades including new animation, physics, lighting and audio systems. In total, Unity 5 supports 21 different platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, the major consoles and even Samsung's Gear VR.

Unity 5

The Unity engine comes in two versions, the pro and the personal. The personal version is free and meant for those wanting to experiment with game development. The pro version as you would expect is meant for game studio use and costs $75 per month to use, or $1500 for a perpetual license.

Earlier versions of the engine stripped out features for the free version but apparently Unity 5 will feature nearly the same feature sets in the free and pro versions. Studios looking to use the free version must have less than $100,000 revenue or funding.

This comes shortly after Epic Games announced that it would be dropping its subscription fee for studios wanting to use Unreal Engine 4, although it does take a cut of revenue once a game makes more than $3000.

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KitGuru Says: Unity is a pretty popular game engine, particularly with indie developers and early access games on Steam. Now that Unity 5 is fully released, we may see more developers adopt the platform. 

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