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KitGuru Lite spotlights AC Ryan’s sexy media streamers

Roll the clock back, and the only stream with media on it was the standard broadcast TV and radio signals. Roll the clock forward and we'll all be living in a fast moving river of content, that allows us to instantly visit any shore that takes our fancy. AC Ryan is expert at these devices, but what do they really look like and what can you expect?  VideoScope time!

The hard drive with the cool stuff is in one room, but the big TV thing is on another floor. Damn. How can we overcome this kind of gap?  The days of hugely awkward/expensive to install UTP cabling, are long dead. Now we soak the world with wall-penetrating signals.

Considering one for yourself/family/friends/loved-ones?  Wanna see it in action for yourself?  Check out our latest video.

KitGuru says: More and more devices will use this kind of technology, but – for now – AC Ryan is one of the best. Great last minute idea for a present as well. Their products are generally solidly built, straight forward to install/use and they look good. Nuff said.

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