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Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410 Review

The processor in the Dell Inspiron Zino HD is the P840 Triple Core processor running at a clock speed of 1.9ghz.

The chipset is a 785GX design and our system is populated with 4GB of DDR3-1333 running at 1066mhz. The machines ship with two options, a 4250 integrated chipset or the more substantial 5450 MXM card, which is installed in this particular unit. The 5450 is clocked at 675mhz and is supplied with 8 ROPs and 80 shaders, a perfect partner for a low powered all in one unit of this size. The 1GB of memory is partnered to a 64 bit memory bus.

Dell can deliver the system in various configurations and if the 5.0 score from Windows 7 isn't enough horsepower for you then you can opt for the Phenom 2 X4 P940 processor. Our system shipped with a P840 clocked at 1.9ghz.

We wouldn't call the system installation particularly minimal, but as this is a Dell product we expect to have a reasonable amount of software preinstalled. We don't mind their docking software system which displays an Apple ‘like' Dock on screen, but we take exception to McAfee and Roxio being installed. We immediately removed these and installed a free low overhead anti virus client.

The Bios is a rather basic setup with very little options available for tweaking, there are no overclocking settings available either. We have included some screenshots below.

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  1. I was actually looking at these last week. great idea for people who dont want an ATOM.

  2. Very nice units, a little like the mac mini, but more colourful and more powerful.

  3. Surprised how nippy those little AMD processors are. very capable indeed, much better than ATOM

  4. The lower end models are good value, but the higher quad core with bluray is expensive. over 800 quid would get me a mega gaming rig.

  5. Fl0 – you pay for the size reduction, remember that. this isn’t a gaming system, its a media system with a focus clearly on size and looks for people who want something sexy for display.

  6. Interesting looking little thing, seems to be everyone is making these kind of pcs lately. I can understand why, with familes having a computer in a main room,. some of the full size cases take up far too much room.

    Looks ideal for media, but I think I prefer the ASROCK ION 3d system as it is much cheaper and comes with bluray. if it handles 1080p thats all most people will need.

  7. This AMD processor is much better than the ATOM, but as the reviewer says, the cost is more power consumption. For media, I think the ASROCK is the better deal as its cheaper, £399 with bluray, smaller and takes up less power under load. can still handle bluray discs and 1080p streaming no problems.

    For a general purpose PC this Dell unit is better. I can see a lot of students liking it.

  8. Zardon can I confirm – the top panel removes with a b utton press, but under it, you need a screw driver to get access to things like the drives?

  9. Funnily enough I was thinking the same. the button concept is great, but why have everything else under a screwed panel? whats the point of the button? just to change colors?

  10. I really dig this system, not sure id buy one though. surprised how good the AMD chip is compared to the ATOM. I know AMD dont have a low power processor like Intel right now, but it seems well worth the extra power drain for those performance gains. maybe on a laptop atom makes a bigger selling point ?

  11. I want a review of an intel core i3/5/7 system 🙂 in this size.

  12. No HDMI 1.4.
    No 3D capability
    Sony plans to have 40% of TVs next year to be 3D enabled