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ASUS and Google partner up for the OnHub 2

It seems like the original OnHub only just launched but Google already has the next version of its router lined up. While the original was built in partnership with TP-Link, the OnHub 2 is being handled by ASUS, designed to be fast, secure and easy to set up. It’s a pretty nice looking router too, so you won’t be ashamed to have it sitting out in the open for everyone to see.

The ASUS OnHub will feature faster WiFi speeds. You can also boost speeds for a particular device by waving your hand over the top of the router, meaning if your Netflix stream keeps buffering, you can use this gesture to put more bandwidth towards that device.

13 - Wave Control with phone beside

The OnHub will also use software to select the best antenna to use to supply WiFi to your device based on location and orientation. Additionally, the router will update itself when there is little to no WiFi activity going on in the house, so you shouldn’t experience any interruptions during the day.

Much like the first OnHub, the ASUS model is only available in the US and Canada to start off with. Pre-orders start at $219.99, though the TP-Link OnHub is also still available.

KitGuru Says: The OnHub was highly rated when it launched a few months back. ASUS also has a pretty good reputation when it comes to routers, so we should expect good things from this new one. Are any of you in the market for a new router? Which one do you use? 

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