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QNAP launches AI-ready TS-2888X with early bird discount

QNAP is upping the ante once again this month with its new TS-2888X. This is being billed as an ‘AI-Ready' NAS, offering a robust storage solution paired with ready-made software that aims to simplify AI workflow.

The TS-2888X is built using Intel Xeon W processors with up to 18 cores and a hybrid storage architecture, which combines eight HDDs with twenty SSDs, four of which can be U.2 drives. This system can also have up to four high-end GPUs to accelerate performance even further. QNAP's developer package, known as ‘QuAI', will provide tools for getting started with AI development and implementing it into different applications.

According to QNAP Product Manager, David Tsao, the TS-2888X combines “high-performance computing with huge-capacity storage to greatly reduce latency, accelerate data transfer and to eliminate performance bottlenecks caused by network connectivity”. Beyond that, the company's software tools aim to reduce the time and complexity for implementing and managing AI tasks. QNAP's container station also enables the use of open-source tools, including Caffe, TensorFlow, AlexNet, FaceNet and more.

Those interested can pick up a TS-2888X at launch for a discount. QNAP is offering 15% off to those who pre-order between now and the 30th of November.

Early adopters of the TS-2888X can take advantage of a 15% discount, which runs until the end of November. Prices start at £4,300 and go all the way up to £20,000.

KitGuru Says: AI is swiftly becoming one of the core major focuses in the tech industry. QNAP appears to be ready to jump in to arm developers with the tools they need to continue making advances. 

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