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Synology Unveils DiskStation Manager 3.2 Beta

Synology today announced the beta availability of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.2. The new NAS server OS has taken exciting steps in elevating:

  • Management efficiency with centralized directory service, system-logs, CIFS share folders, and ISO
  • images to mount as virtual drive
  • Business’ mobility with web-based DSM mobile and Google Cloud Print™ support
  • Digital entertainment with new Photo Station 5 and enhanced Download Station
  • Mac compatibility by supporting the latest Mac® OS X Lion and running Surveillance Station with Safari
  • Browser
  • User experience with revamped Package Center, added HTML5 features, refreshed CSS3 style, and quick
  • volume creation in Synology Hybrid RAID

“DSM 3.2 delivers an array of business applications, and realizes the way businesses would work in the future,”
said Rosiel Lee, product manager of Synology Inc. “Our industry-first comprehensive directory solutions are
examples, which effortlessly integrates numerous user accounts in an existing IT infrastructure,” Lee added.

Supporting LDAP-based directory services, Synology NAS servers seamlessly fit into an existing Mac or Linux
environment. For businesses that need to centralize account management from multiple servers, it takes only
one click before Synology Directory Server package deploys directory infrastructure for them.

DSM 3.2 also excels at centralizing various resources. Syslog Server collects and stores logs aggregated from
various servers, routers, and syslog-enabled devices for easy management. Message filtering, sorting, and
flexible search criteria facilitate system log search. Remote Folder centralizes distributed CIFS files sharing,
which allows business to build a single access portal for multiple servers for easy data accessing. Furthermore,
distributed ISO files can be mounted onto a Synology NAS server with the Virtual Drive feature and can be
played right away.

Spotting a surging trend of using smart phones and tablets as computing platforms for business, Synology leads
the NAS industry with DSM mobile and Google Cloud Print support. With DSM mobile, IT administrators can
swipe across their handheld devices to manage accounts and privileges, turn on or off services, and quickly
access mobile apps. Synology boasts the most complete and competitive print server. In addition to AirPrint
and multifunction printer support, Google Cloud Print support allows users to print documents remotely on
their mobile devices without any hassle of driver installation.

DSM 3.2 enriches users’ digital entertainment life. Featuring a revamped UI, Photo Station 5 provides a
customizable theme designer and new mechanisms to speed up thumbnail creation. Synchronizing photos on
designated Facebook’s albums requires only one button click. Password protection to individual album is now
supported. In addition, Download Station supports the most popular file hosting sites and even realizes
Youtube download.

Synology is the first NAS server to support the latest Mac OS X Lion, ready to serve as a backup destination for
Time Machine. In addition, Surveillance Station has taken the lead by operating on Safari 5. It is also optimized
for rapid large scale deployment, by allowing for camera grouping and batch editing, supporting common
privilege profile, as well as ensuring ONVIF compatibility.

DSM 3.2 creates an even more intuitive user experience by offering a revamped Package Center, which
automatically collects and displays a variety of applications on a snappy UI. “User will love this new
and convenient way to discover, install, and update their favorite applications in DSM. They can even choose to
get email or desktop notifications whenever there are new packages and updates,” Lee added. Another usercentric
feature is the latest HTML5 feature and CSS3 style support. Drag-n-drop features are available on
Download Station and File Browser for torrent opening and file upload from desktop. Furthermore, making
volume ready for use with Synology Hybrid RAID is 95% faster than before. Users can store, edit, or move files
around with minimal initial setup time.

For more details of the DSM 3.2 beta release, please visit http://www.synology.com/dsm/index_dsm3.2.php

Synology DSM 3.2 Beta Reward Program

Synology will hand out a trophy and a Synology Remote to three beta testers who provide the most valuable
assistance and feedback during the program.

For more information, please go to

The Synology DSM 3.2 beta is free to download for users who own a DiskStation x08 series and onward.

Supported models are:
DS3611xs, RS3411xs, RS3411RPxs, DS2411+, RS2211+, RS2211RP+, DS1511+, RS411, DS411+II, DS411+, DS411j,
DS411slim, DS211+, DS211, DS211j, DS111, DS1010+, RS810+, RS810RP+, DS410, DS410j, DS710+, DS210+,
DS210j, DS110+, DS110j, DS509+, RS409+, RS409RP+, RS409, DS409+, DS409, DS209+II, DS209+, DS209,
DS209j, DS109+, DS109, DS109j, DS409slim, RS408, RS408-RP, DS508, DS408, DS108j

The download is available at http://www.synology.com/support/beta_2011_dsm3.2.php
The live demo site is available at http://www.synology.com/products/dsm_livedemo.php

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