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Asus prepares to cut Razer revenues with Vulcan ROG phones

Working closely with some of the world’s top professional gamers, the Asus Republic Of Gamers (ROG) designers have created the ROG Vulcan Pro Gaming Headset. KitGuru stuck a microphone in front of an Asus expert and he spilled the beans.

Miodrag Relic knows a thing or two about combat. While he doesn’t like to dwell on the subject, we have reason to believe that the ex-paratrooper has made over 300 jumps with just a single buckled knee to his name.

We’ve definitely seen footage of him advancing on a target with a Spaz 12 shotgun and live ammo. Nuff said.

Ready to hit the front line - weapons at the ready

We asked him what makes the ROG Vulcan special.

“This is the world’s first pro-gaming headset with active noise suppression”, said Miodrag. “Depending on the frequencies, it is effective up to 85% in normal use”.

Impressive stuff.  Gamers are serious about gaming and, once they begin a session, they don’t want to leave it for anything. Normally, the only thing that impacts a session’s length is fatigue.

“This design weighs in at just 320g”, Miodrag pointed out. “Which is lighter than most of the other headsets available today”.

“That’s been achieved by combining a soft memory foam material with breathable Japanese protein leather”, he explained. “This lighter design, combined with improved ergonomics and advanced materials means gamers can compete at the highest levels, for longer”.

Looking at the design, you can also see that it’s foldable and will fit easily into your luggage etc.

The packaging says noise reduction, so inquiring minds want to know – does it do what it says on the tin?

“The active noise cancelling is amazing”, said Relic. “I’ve tried it in crowded, noisy environments and it is really impressive”.

Can it improve real world game play?

“Of course”, he replied. “If you can increase your chance of hearing vital commands or establishing where the enemy’s bullets are coming from – then you have a much greater chance of victory”.

The microphone is detachable, just in case you only want audio in, and Asus engineers claim that their smart use of driver means thundering bass and crisp high-end.

ROG Vulcan headsets will make you taller, thinner and more attractive to wimmin (it says here)

KitGuru says: We’ll let you know if that’s true once we them in the lab and attached to Zardon’s cyborg implant ears-of-sharp–hearing plus 20. No one at Asus is confirming price yet, but we’d guess that you can expect ROG Vulcans in all good stores around £100 soon enough.

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