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Exclusive GTX770 video with Asus

In a season of continuous launches, one of the most eagerly anticipated events has been the full on drive on Kepler – in all its variations. On 22nd March 2012, an email from nVidia's boss to all of his employees made its way onto the web. It congratulated them on …

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Asus launches range of ESC G2 supercomputers

If you’ve been sitting at home, researching GPGPU and wondering “What’s the best way for me to assemble a super computer with almost 2,000 CUDA cores, 24GB of memory and the ability to process close to 5 billion triangles a second?”, then Asus may have the answer for you. Not …

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Bit Fenix Colossus exposed – intimate shots taken

Coco Lee, is the driving force behind Bit Fenix, and she is an amazing lady. Whether the world decides that it loves, hates or is completely indifferent to the Bit Fenix Colossus, you have to give credit where it is due. Coco is not only really smart, she also has …

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EVGA announces GTX460 performance boost – free

While nVidia cuts prices faster than an East End barber cuts hair, EVGA is focused on delivering increased value to the customers who have already spent big on the new GTX460 card. KitGuru lifts the bonnet and gives the engine a sniff. KitGuru loves the fact that graphic cards can …

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