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Intel Socket 2011 mainboards shown on Asus stand

Rumours reached KitGuru a while back that Intel would be in full testing mode for its new high-end products, sometime just after Computex 2011 in Taipei. From what’s being shown on the stands, that looks about right.

Even though the 2500k/2600k Sandy Bridge products deliver significant power, at the very high-end, they cannot match Intel’s own X68. Chug an i980x up past 4GHz and watch it chew-up/spit-out video like a premiership team goes through managers.

On the Asus stand at Computex 2011, was the first chance for the waiting public to get eyes-on with 2011. The socket – not the year.

The replacement for the triple-channel X68 is the quad-channel X79. The processors themselves are expected to be a significant cut above the existing Intel range – so perfect for professionals and nutters alike (you know who you are!).

Technologies shown on this Asus board include:-

  • TPU: For ultimate Turbo Boost on your processor
  • EPU: All round energy efficiency
  • UEFI BIOS: Flexible with easy interface
  • Socket 2011: For Intel Sandy Bridge E Processors

To help demonstrate the ease of use of the new socket, Asus front man Miodrag ‘Dr Octopus’ Relic was on (3rd) hand to flip the chip-holder.

With his remaining 5 hands, Miodrag was updating Facebook, playing poker and cleaning some kind of knife

KitGuru says: Scores from overclocked X79 systems are expected to make grown men cry and smash their piggy banks with tech-desire. Roll on the testing – that’s what we say!

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