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Bit Fenix Colossus exposed – intimate shots taken

Coco Lee, is the driving force behind Bit Fenix, and she is an amazing lady. Whether the world decides that it loves, hates or is completely indifferent to the Bit Fenix Colossus, you have to give credit where it is due. Coco is not only really smart, she also has a genuine feel for the enthusiast and gamer markets. KitGuru investigates her contribution to the creation of a new global brand. While we're at it, we get up close and personal with the case itself.

While she was with Abit, Coco became closely linked in with the gaming community. Over the next few years, she launched not only Akon – but also the global Kode5 gaming events.

Coco Lee and David Jarlestedt seem happy together in this pic from Tweaktown - click on the pic for the whole, original article

The experience she gained by living, breathing and competing alongside gamers, meant she was able to create the CM Storm brand for Cooler Master. While we all know the Sniper and Scout products, you might not know that many of the more famous Cooler Master chassis were also created by Coco's team. The best examples include top sellers HAF and Cosmos ‘S'.

All of the cool cases you can think of, were probably Coco's fault. Nice.

Even though it hasn't really sold any product yet, Bit Fenix already has quite a following on Youtube and we're excited to see the new products as they come through.

The first product out of the blocks is the Bit Fenix Collossus. Zardon will be torture testing this soon enough, but we have to say that our initial feeling toward the design is that it's ‘OK'.

Collossus is like a glamorous nightclub. By night, with the cool lights on, it's an attractive proposition.

The following morning, in the cold light of day with the need for aspirin kicking in, it's not quite so attractive. That said, opinion on cases is almost always split at KitGuru. For example with the Silverstone Raven cases. Zardon loves them, everyone else things Silverstone needs to go back to the drawing board. Look and feel are personal, nuff said.

Here are some detailed shots of the Bit Fenix Collossus ahead of Zardon's in-depth technical analysis.

It's a small thing, but we like the angled top of the box that it comes in


It's one of those love em or hate em designs. Looks nicer in the dark. Blackberrys are to show size, not included in the price


Compatibility sticker, noise reducing gromits, some electronics and nice PCI Express clips


Box it comes in, lockable storage box it contains, a shiny knob and some filters for dust


Cables to the left, cables to the right, routing through the middle and some dark places.

KitGuru says: We have an idea of what the other cases in the range will look like. We think we'll like them more. Collossus is an acquired taste. Zardon's lab testing on thermals and ease of cabling will, ultimately, determine its final grade.

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