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AMD “Phoenix 2” APU to pack Zen 4 and Zen 4c cores

AMD recently confirmed the existence of the Phoenix 2 APU, a smaller version of the original Phoenix silicon used in mobile systems, laptops, Mini-PCs, and handheld consoles. While it was widely known that AMD would introduce a smaller die based on the Zen 4 and RDNA 3 architectures, the exact …

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Pirate Bay return far from smooth sailing

The return of the Pirate Bay at the beginning of February should have been a triumphant one, with fans and staff happy to see the classic face of online file sharing back to its old self. Unfortunately for them though, its rebirth has been anything but that. On top of …

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Pirate Bay still popping up, added Phoenix

Visiting the Pirate Bay in the last few years has felt like stepping back in time. Its design never really changed, apart from a few new homepage links and the creation of the promo-bay. And yet in the last couple of months change is all we've seen from TPB. After it …

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Pirate Bay’s official raid response

The downing of the torrent search site The Pirate Bay last week, was a watershed moment in online file sharing. As with the takedowns of other infamous internet sites it spawned dismay from fans, was heralded as a breakthrough in copyright protection by the lobby groups and became an opportunity …

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Why can’t Tegra get mobile sales traction?

Following the launch of the late/fat/hot Fermi, nVidia's engineers buckled down to business and worked really hard to not only improve the rest of the Fermi range that followed, but also to achieve some extraordinary successes with low power parts into the Tegra family. Having seen the Nexus 7 up …

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Bit Fenix Colossus exposed – intimate shots taken

Coco Lee, is the driving force behind Bit Fenix, and she is an amazing lady. Whether the world decides that it loves, hates or is completely indifferent to the Bit Fenix Colossus, you have to give credit where it is due. Coco is not only really smart, she also has …

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