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Dino PC launches full range of customisable laptops

Established UK system builder, Dino PC, has finally made the plunge into the world of mobile gaming and professional users with the launch of four new lines of customisable laptops. KitGuru cracks its knuckles and prepares for typing on the go.

Roll the clock back only a few years, and mobile computing meant low battery life, underpowered specifications and a keep-fit course for whichever arm you decided to carry your laptop on.

These days, things have changed. Quite dramatically. The advances in mobile technology are clear to see with Dino PC's Phoenix, Griffin, Pegasus and Pixie systems.


Well the Phoenix comes armed with anything up to a GTX780 – plenty powerful enough to tear through triple A game titles – while the Pixie utilises Intel's latest Chief River technology (Ivy Bridge + Panther Point) to give you serious portability and longevity.

Speaking exclusively to KitGuru, Dino PC's Managing Director Vladimir Kuznetsov said, “We have regular enquiries from our customer base for laptops and, after almost 7 years of focusing purely on desktop PCs, we are very excited that we can finally provide our customers with a full range of laptops that are very reasonable priced – with a wide range of customisation options”.

In terms of what customers can expect from the new products, he said “You can expect excellent customer service and after sales support as well as our price match guarantee”.

As far as pricing goes, Vladimir told us “Our new laptops start from as little as £419 and, at the high end, you're only really limited by your imagination”.

We will bring you full price and availability info shortly.


KitGuru says: More and more, we all need to be able to work and play on the move. If you're happy with Angry Birds, then you need only take your iPhone or tablet – but if you need to do real work or play serious games, then portable power is where it's at.

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