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Buffalo LinkStation Duo Review (1TB)

The 1TB Linkstation Duo arrives in a rather bright and colourful box which details the main functionality of the device as well as an image on the right.

The back of the box serves as a basic unit overview inside a store environment and will prove useful to those browsing in PCworld.

The package contains a power adapter, UK and European plug, a converter, as well as a cat cable for hooking up to your network.

The Buffalo unit is a very plain design with a plastic fascia on the front with several lights, showing power and link status. The rear is home to a fan, power and reset switches and the network connection.

The chassis is sturdy enough and seems to be able to withstand some general abuse without falling apart, even if it is built to a very tight budget. Underneath is a serial number and MAC address.

Getting access to the drives is straightforward, you unclip the plastic fascia at the front and each drive is available for removal.

There are two round pulley bars which remove the drives from the sata and power headers inside the chassis. Once these click free you can slide them out easily enough by hand – there is a little plastic retainer underneath each drive which needs to be forced down slightly. The drives inside are high quality 500GB Samsung models. We would assume that Buffalo have struck a deal with Samsung for the supply of 500GB, 1TB and 2TB drives for these NAS systems.

The controller board is at the end of the rail system as seen in the image above. It is a simple little board and there is a fan behind this to ensure a decent flow of air.

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