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ICY BOX Powerline Network Adapter Kit Review

The ICY BOX Powerline Network Adapter Kit ships in a black box with a good splash of yellow and white on top. The front shows the key features, being ‘Pre-Set Security’, ‘Multimedia Stream’, ‘Multiplayer Games’ and ‘Easy Installation’ as well as showing a simple wiring diagram.

The back of the box has the specifications in 8 different languages (the English specifications are on the right-hand side of the box).

Opening up this box we found two identical boxes with a remarkably similar theme to the original. We were starting to think this was a set of Russian dolls.

Each of these boxes has a simple internal packaging with a User Manual sat on top.

The User Manual is very simplistic and has 3 diagrams showing you how to install the kit. It is literally a case of just plugging them both in to the mains and connecting the network cables to either a router or your device (i.e. Computer or Games Console).

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