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Can you download 2.7TB in a month? – ISP proud of heavy downloading

We all love broadband and in this day and age lines are getting fatter, cheaper and caps are being increased. Belgian ISP Telenet decided to release information on the heaviest of downloaders using their network and one chap had 2,680GB of data shifted to his hard drives in a month. We can only assume he was downloading DVD collections of TV shows across bitorrent or newsgroups.

Others in the ‘shame list' managed to transfer 1.9 TB, 1.5TB and 1.3TB respectively which accounts for a lot of games and high definition movies.

While it could be interpretted that Telenet were trying to warn users about abusing their system they were just showing the public how much data they can deal with. The concept was to show customers how much better the high end ‘fair use' plans are when compared with the 50GB and 80GB capped plans.

As we all know ‘fair use' in relation to an broadband plan can often mean very limited amounts of data but if Telenet are allowing users to snag 2TB-3TB+ a month then it seems a good deal ! Now if only the UK had such a company.

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