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Kaspersky details billion dollar digital bank heist

According to anti-malware security firm Kapersky, many of the world's major banks have been hit by digital thieves over the past year and a half, with the attackers making off with at least $300 million, but potentially as much as a billion (£648 million), after using malware and social engineering …

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Hackers install Doom on an ATM

Cash machine's tend to be pretty dull but YouTube user, Aussie50 has found a way to spruce them up a bit by installing Doom on an ATM machine. The in-game actions are controlled by the buttons on the ATM via a keyboard emulating PCB. The video was originally shared by hackaday. …

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Thieves target cash machines with pen drive hack

The last time I legitimately saw someone hack into an ATM cash machine was John Connor in Terminator 2, but apparently that's still going on, as earlier this year a spree of thievery took place at different cash machines, with the people behind it using memory sticks to upload their …

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