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Google defends its anti-piracy efforts in updated report

Google gets a lot of grief from copyright holders claiming that the company isn't doing enough to stop piracy, despite the company's many efforts. However, this week, Google defended the amount of effort it puts in to suppressing stolen content in an updated anti-piracy report that goes over exactly what …

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Google is finally willing to protect Fair Use on YouTube

Over the years, YouTube has become a huge platform for content creators. Over the years, it has seemed like the copyright system on YouTube was stacked against creators, with no real fair use protection against bogus copyright claims. Now, YouTube is finally doing something about it with a new fair …

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Microsoft gives YouTubers permission to monetize gameplay

Microsoft has updated its Game Content Usage Rules, giving YouTuber's and Twitch streamers permission to monetize gameplay footage on all of its titles, although Minecraft, which the company recently acquired for $2.5 billion, has a slightly different set of rules. The new policy states that users can create work based …

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