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NBC Universal and others caught faking takedown links

Copyright Troll

One of the tactics that movie studios, music labels and copyright trolls use in taking down sites, having them blocked or attempting to extort money, is to find links to infringing content and either use them as court evidence, for DMCA takedowns. It turns out though that some groups manufacture …

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Get ready, copyright letter senders are coming to the UK

Despite the fact that in the UK online sharers have to worry about the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit and MPAA backed organisations like FACT gunning for them with piracy charges, we’ve avoided most of the problems that other nations like the U.S. have faced when it comes to copyright …

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Redtube users hit with copyright ransom demands

Redtube, one of the internet’s most popular websites, acts as a Youtube like video sharing site for pornography, but despite its tantalising content, many users may be unwilling to revisit now that they’ve been hit by demands for compensation from a German legal firm representing a Swiss company called The …

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Copyright troll in deep trouble with judge


The case of Prenda law is a relatively complicated one. We covered it a little bit recently, with links to far better run downs. However now it’s all coming to a head and the judge of the case was not happy when most of the copyright troll defendants didn’t even …

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