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Is big-data a real hope for Minority Report style pre-crime?

The use of big-data has exploded in the last few years, allowing for new weather prediction algorithms, Netflix suggestions and more targeted advertising among many other uses, including some controversial ones. Take for example its use in predicting criminal activity. Could this one day lead to a Minority Report-like pre-crime …

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Mt. Gox penniless long before closure

The closure of Mt Gox was one of the biggest bitcoin related stories of 2014, despite it taking place early in the year. However, it's now come to light that despite being one of the world's prominent bitcoin exchanges and depositories, it was in-fact insolvent for a long time before …

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Singapore wants news sites to have a license to report

Singapore would love to be seen as a shining example of Eastern prosperity. It features gleaming clean cities, low crime rates and seemingly little dissent among the populace. Of course a lot of this is to do with the fact that caning children is an accepted practice, capital punishment has been …

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Gamestop executive sentenced to four years for fraud


While we might often talk about the demise of the high street video game retailer here at KitGuru, it isn't always the fault of outdated business practices. GameStop at least, can place some of its problems, squarely at the feet of one ex-vice president of corporate communications, who defrauded the …

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